Course Requests


To enter your course requests:

  1. Open the appropriate request form below.
  2. Fill out all required fields.
  3. Submit your requests.
  4. Parents will be emailed confirmation of course requests.
  5. Parents must sign the Course Request Acknowledgment Form and have their student return it to Mrs. Milton before March 31st.
  6. Current 9th-11th grade students will start this process on March 16th and must complete it before March 31st. After March 31st, students will need to get a change of course request form from Mrs. Milton to make changes. 
  7. Current 8th grade students will meet with Mrs. Milton during the week of April 17th to begin this process.

For current WCS students:

Course requests (choose appropriate form): 
Current 8th Grade (Future 9th Grade)
Current 9th Grade (Future 10th Grade)
Current 10th Grade (Future 11th Grade)
Current 11th Grade (Future 12th Grade)