AP Exam Payment

All students currently in AP classes are encouraged to register and study for the AP exams. Those who pass will be awarded college credit by most colleges and universities (www.collegeboard.com/ap/creditpolicy).
https://myap.collegeboard.org/ and enter the join code that was provided to you by your AP Teacher. Students can pay online with a credit card or by check made payable to WCS.

Each AP exam costs $97.00.  The deadline to register for the exam is October 4, 2022.  

The deadline to pay for each exam is November 1, 2022. Students pay for the exams they registered for below. If you miss this deadline, you will have to pay a $40 late fee.

All AP exams are administered at WCHS. If you have questions please email Mrs. Milton at counselor@wcss.org.  
Calendar of Exams as set by the College Board:
Report time for morning exams is 7:30am and students will be dismissed from school after the exam is over.  Report time for afternoon exams is 11:30am. Students do not need to be at school until this time. After each exam, students can leave campus. They are not expected to go back to class. Review the rules regarding calculators and bring a snack and water for the break.

Date of Exam               Time Needed           Room             

Name of Exam

Monday, May 1             7:30am-12pm           Pavilion             

AP U.S. Government

Wednesday, May 3        7:30am-12pm           Pavilion             

AP English Literature (Seniors)

Wednesday, May 3        11:30am-2:30pm           Pavilion             

AP Computer Science A

Thursday, May 4            11:30am-2:30pm      Pavilion              

AP Statistics

Friday, May 5                 7:30am-12pm          Pavilion           

AP US History

Monday, May 8             7:30am-12pm           Pavilion             

AP Calculus AB/BC

Monday, May 8             11:30am-2:30pm       Pavilion          

AP Computer Science Principles

Tuesday, May 9            7:30am-12pm            Pavilion        

AP English Language (Juniors)

Tuesday, May 9            11:30am-2:30pm      Pavilion              

AP Physics C: Mechanics