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Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level classes that you can take in high school.  One advantage of taking these courses is that you might get college credit depending upon the year end test score and the college you attend. Many colleges accept these exams as a form of testing out of a college class if you score high enough on the AP exam. Another advantage is the extra grade point in your high school GPA. 

Honors courses are accelerated classes that students take in high school. These courses give you an extra grade point in your GPA. There is not an end of the year exam like the AP classes however many colleges like to see students challenge themselves with honors courses.   

Schedule Changes

Class schedules are prepared by the administration with priority given to college-preparatory requirements. Any requests for a change in schedule must be received by the administration within the first week of each semester. Change of Schedule Request forms are available in the school office; however because the high school Master Schedule is created based on student need and interest, “change-of-heart” requests will not be granted. Students are expected to attend the originally assigned schedule until a change is approved by the administration.

Requesting Transcripts

To request transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent to colleges click on these instructions: Requesting Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation.pdf 
To request mid-year (7th semester) transcripts click on these instructions: Instructions for Mid-year Transcript Request.pdf
To request Final transcripts to be sent to colleges click on these instructions:Instructions for requesting Final Transcripts.pdf
To request transcripts for NCAA and NAIA eligibility centers or for scholarships click on these instructions: Requesting transcripts for NCAA or NCAA or scholarships.pdf