Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Bible- 4 years (40 credits)*

Christian Living (Bible I)

Biblical History and Cultures (Bible II)

Literature Methods and Analysis (Bible III)

Judeo-Christian Philosophy (Bible IV)

          Honors Judeo-Christian Philosophy (Bible IV)

*The Bible requirement begins on enrollment at Woodcrest Christian High School


History- 3 years (30 credits)

United StatesHistory

          AP United States History

World History

American Government and Economics

       AP American Government and Politics


English- 4 years (40 credits)

Intro to Literature (English I)

Intro to World Literature (English II)

Intro to American Literature (English III)

        AP Language and Composition (English III)

Advanced Composition (English IV)

         AP Literature and Composition (English IV)


Mathematics- 3 years (30 credits)

Algebra I


Algebra II

         Honors Algebra II


         Honors Trigonometry/Calculus


         AP Calculus AB/BC

         AP Statistics


Laboratory Science- 2 years (20 credits)*


         Honors Biology


         Honors Chemistry


         AP Physics

Environmental Science

Honors Anatomy and Physiology

*Taken in the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade


Foreign Language- 2 years (20 credits)

Spanish I, II, III and IV


Visual and Performing Arts- 1 year (10 credits)






Physical Education- 1 year (10 credits)*

Elective Courses- 2 years (20 credits)*

*Including one year of advanced academic elective


Each semester is worth 5 credits and 220 credits are required for graduation. Seniors must make up

“Incompletes” before Final Exam week begins. Only those students who are enrolled fulltime during their Senior

year, have satisfactorily completed all required courses, have accumulated at least 220 total credits and are in

good standing with the school, will be allowed to graduate and participate in graduation ceremonies.


Academic Grade Scale

A    100- 90                   D     69- 60

B     89- 80                    F     59- 0

C     79- 70                    I     Incomplete